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All our fruit and veg, meat chicken, and dairy are 100 % chemical and hormone free, organically grown and pasture fed.


We have an awareness around packaging and everything, where possible, is packaged in glass or biodegradable packaging.


We believe food is medicine and we only supply vital, vibrant food.


We deliver straight to your doorstep within hours of your vegetables being picked.


We keep you updated with the findings of current nutitional research. 


We know all our farmers and are confident that they farm with ethical practices and supply the best quality food.



The idea to open The Urban Farmer came to me from the my own desire for delicious, sustainably sourced food with a freshness that can only come from a farmer’s own kitchen and pantry. I wanted to create a space that transports consumers straight to the source of their food so that they can feel more connected with what they eat. A place where the food offering is organic, seasonal and as fresh as if you picked it from your own garden. Food that is also slow. By slow I mean real nutritionally rich food, not fast food that is made to look cheap but hides its expense on the environment, labourers and our bodies.

Organic food to me is fundamentally based on the striking relationship between man and nature. This connection reminds me of how Nikola Tesla once explained his fascination with electricity. Tesla famously said, “I wanted to harness the energies of nature to the service of man” – I feel the same way about food and this notion inspired me to open The Urban Farmer. 

The Urban Farmer offers chemical free and organic food with a genuine packaging sensitivity. The intention here is to connect people to the elements of the ecosystem on which our life and all life depends. Industrial agriculture and the manufacturing practices that dominate the world feeding system are largely responsible for not only the toxic build up of planet earth, but also the human body. These toxins have the power to destroy thriving ecosystems out there and in here. Both result in disease. The packaging that our food is packed in also has the power to add toxicity to planet earth and the human body, as well as to stifle existing and thriving ecosystems. Plastic, unlike everything else in nature cannot biodegrade.

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